Baptism of The Holy Spirit

On 6th September 2019, I received the Baptism of The Holy Spirit, or as Derek Prince would describe it, The Pentecostal Baptism of The Holy Spirit (as opposed to the Resurrection Baptism of The Holy Spirit).

I believe I unwittingly received the Baptism of the Resurrection when I met Jesus as an unbeliever:

11/02/2011 – A night with a Master

I awoke with vague recollections of having been in the company of Jesus. I can recall a dusty but green landscape and being high upon a large hill or small mountain. I was with a giant. A giant not in stature, but in the depth of his presence. I remember his white robes billowing in the wind. I can’t recall anything other than the overwhelming feeling of love emanating from Him. I was like a child to him. Whilst the recollection is very feint, the impression of encompassing love remains very very strong today.

I didn’t do a good job of my journal entry here, because I remember the morning after this experience where I woke in floods of tears. If I ever talk about the experience, I can’t help but cry. The love from Jesus was immense: a million times greater than I love even my own son and utterly beyond human comprehension. Yet, in my arrogant non-believer state at that time, I refer to him as “a Master” not “The Lord Jesus Christ” in the title to the blog and would go on to carry on pursuing other occult / false-religion practices (all of which I have repented). It wasn’t just arrogance, it was also a deep feeling of unworth that kept me from Him at this time in my life.

So I believe that the above was the first Baptism of The Holy Spirit. Jesus had called me, but it would take 8 more years before I would finally be humbled sufficiently to call out to Him and lay my entire life at his feet.

I may have written elsewhere in this blog, that after receiving deliverance on 27th June 2019, I made it my conscious decision to be a genuine apostle to Jesus, but thought that I needed to find a Church where I could be baptised in The Holy Spirit.

So last Friday, as I headed out on the hour drive to work, I was listening to another Derek Prince teaching, this time on Gifts of The Spirit, where he states there is only one who baptises in the Holy Spirit: Jesus Christ.

As soon as he said this, I felt a pressure building within me. It was an ecstatic desire to show my love for God. As Derek went on to talk about how speaking in tongues is the seal of the Pentecostal Baptism I allowed my mouth to move and sounds come out.

From being a wilful act on my behalf of trying to make this phenomena happen, the awkward stuttering staccato utterances that were being formed by my conscious mind suddenly took on a life of their own and fluent ribbons of strange words began to flow. As this happened I felt the strongest connection I’ve ever felt to the Father and the words settled around a particular phrase that was repeated and magnified in volume and conviction. I couldn’t now describe what the words sounded like and I can’t be sure of their meaning, other than it felt like it was both a cry to the Lord and a call out into the world directed to the others who have received this Baptism.

Earlier today, in Church, after receiving Holy Communion when returning to my seat, head bowed in prayer, I began to speak in that strange tongue once more.

There’s so much more I have to share with you. This journey back to Jesus has been utterly awe-inspiring and I am so excited to see how God moulds me and my life for His Glory. I seem to be bringing others with me through the narrow gate too – more of that in another blog.

If you have read this far, thank you for sticking with it and may God bless you.

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