This blog was started when I was still under the influence of the occult. So it’s time to bring it to an end and start a new project in the new creation that I am.

I will leave it visible as a testament to the power of Jesus Christ to change a person’s heart. The change in my perspective and state of mind from 2016 to the present day is stark.

I have updated my about page, which was an embarrassment. I’m going to leave the original text as it is but offer an edited version, which is copied below:

After rejecting my childhood indoctrination into Christianity courtesy of the Church of England, I became a hardened atheist and remained that way until my mid twenties when a series of bizarre inner experiences caused me to take another look at the mysteries of consciousness.

Despite taking tentative steps into the great beyond, I remained an opponent of organised religion until one particular out of body experience featuring Christian icons set me on a quest for answers. I voraciously read books on mysticism: eastern and western systems, finding common threads as well as occasional stark differences. The rapid intake of information meant that I developed a habit of reading, but not learning; understanding but not knowing.

Through the wonderful deceptive, satanic books of the White Eagle Lodge (2 Corinthians 11:4) my prejudice towards organised religion and particularly Christianity dissipated and the arrogance with which I had tossed them aside was replaced with respect and humility a deeper arrogance that I, through the study of occult texts, was in possession of greater spiritual truth than that which is set out in The Bible.

In 2016, I found myself repeating the actions of my parents in dragging my seven year old son to Church ostensibly in the hope of securing him a place at the local Church of England secondary school, but unlike my parents, I’m also there to take a second look at the wisdom teachings offered (“wisdom teachings”?!! that phrase is used throughout luciferian mystery schools…. what a prat I was.., I had been completely deceived), only this time through the eyes of a fledgling mystic.

Here I am in 2020, bringing this half-hearted blog to an end. I’ll keep the blog live so that it can stand as a testimony to the change that happens when an unregenerate falls on his face before God, cries out to Jesus to save him and graciously receives an answer.

The world is darkening and it’s imperative for people to repent and turn to Jesus. Let His precious blood seep into every corner of your life; the deepest, darkest crevices. Be humbled by His majesty and give to Him everything you own, everything you are, every triumph, every failure. Let Him sort it all out.

Don’t ever presume to understand the mysteries of this life, but be led by The Holy Spirit and the Word of God to wherever He would take you.

Yours in Christ


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